Company news

20 August 2019

Alkor Bio group of companies built a new modern vivarium

In mid-August, the opening of a new modern vivarium took place in the Alkor Bio Group of Companies. Vivarium is located in a separate two-story building with a total area of ​​1018 square meters next to the main building of Alkor Bio Group of Companies. Alkor Bio Group of Companies, a developer and manufacturer of test systems for laboratory diagnostics, invested more than 67.5 million rubles in the reconstruction and equipping of the vivarium. In the near future, an indoor gallery connecting both buildings will be completed, which will minimize efforts to maintain sanitary and epidemiological safety of the vivarium . In connection with the opening of a new vivarium in Alkor Bio Group of Companies, 3 additional jobs were created - the head of the vivarium, livestock specialist and technologist.

Vivarium is needed by Alkor Bio Group of Companies to meet the needs of a hybrid laboratory for the production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, which, in turn, are important components of test systems. Recall that in March Alkor Bio Group of Companies announced a new service: the production of monoclonal antibodies to order from third-party organizations. In addition, the vivarium capabilities are used by the Trans-Technology stem cell bank research laboratory (part of Alkor Biot Group of Companies) for development in the field of cell technology.

Permission to carry out activities for the procurement, storage, processing, export-import supplies of livestock products, breeding, raising, keeping laboratory animals (mice, rabbits, rats) No. 78-274 / 19 dated April 18, 2019 issued by the main state veterinary inspector of St. Petersburg. During the audit it was found that Alkor Bio Group of Companies has all the necessary conditions for the implementation of activities in relation to laboratory animals, provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation to ensure safety in the veterinary and sanitary respect.

The head of the vivarium of Alkor Bio Group of Companies Tatyana Panylo:

“Our vivarium at the time of the examination has the conditions stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of veterinary medicine to ensure safety in carrying out activities for keeping, breeding and raising laboratory animals and meets the mandatory requirements in the field of veterinary medicine, in particular, to prevent the spread of infectious and invasive diseases common to humans and animals. "

Vivarium is divided into the so-called "clean" and "dirty" zones in accordance with SP The structure of the “clean” premises includes: premises for the reception, quarantine and adaptation of new animals; rooms for experimental animals; storage facilities for clean animal care equipment; manipulative; premises for storage and preparation of animal feed.

The “dirty” premises include: a refrigeration room or a refrigerator for collecting and storing biological waste; premises for vivarium personnel (shower, toilet and dressing room).

Premises for washing, disinfecting equipment and implements, as well as for animal euthanasia are located at the junction of “clean” and “dirty” rooms to ensure the movement of “clean” and “dirty” equipment, inventory, materials, as well as animals and biological waste.

In the vivarium, all necessary measures have been taken to prevent infection of animals from outside: disinfection, disinsection, deratization. There is the necessary equipment for sanitation. Only employees of the experimental biological clinic, that is, the vivarium and the developers of the hybrid laboratory GK Alkor Bio and the laboratory of Trans-Technology, have access to the vivarium.

Special requirements are also imposed on the health of laboratory animals. Rabbits, rats and mice are purchased exclusively in specialized nurseries, where they undergo strict veterinary control, excluding bacterial, fungal, viral infections and parasitic infestations. Each batch of animals is accompanied by a health certificate, quality certificate and veterinary certificate.

Special full-feed feeds for laboratory animals are purchased at the feed mill, and for each type of animal it is its own and balanced according to its needs: rabbits have one feed, rats and mice have different ones.

The head of the vivarium of Alkor Bio Group of Companies Tatyana Panylo:

“On each floor there are rooms for the reception of new animals, equipped with separate entrances. For rabbits - on the first floor and for rats or mice - on the second. Vivarium waste is stored in a specially equipped room with a freezer and a separate entrance for disposal. Vivarium staff is provided with uniform: habit, whites, mop caps, safety shoes. At the same time, on the second floor, employees visit the vivarium in green uniforms, and for work on the first floor they dress in pink uniforms. They put on white robes in the office. ”