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20 May 2019

Alkor Bio Group of Companies has expanded the range of oligonucleotides, including custom-made

In mid-May, Alkor Bio Group of Companies, a developer and manufacturer of laboratory diagnostic reagent kits, announced a significant expansion of the range of oligonucleotides that it is ready to synthesize for third-party organizations. We are talking about the synthesis of simple and modified oligonucleotides, including probes for real-time PCR.


15 April 2019

Microbiology laboratory of Alkor bio Group has launched a new product: cytomegalovirus antigen (strain AD-169)

In April 2019, Microbiology laboratory of Alkor bio Group has launched a new product: cytomegalovirus (CMV) antigen (strain AD-169). This antigen can be used as a specific component in the various test systems, intended for the diagnosis CMV infection in the research laboratories and production. CMV antigen is an inactivated component. Today, the laboratory is working on other viral antigens.

01 March 2019

Alkor Bio Group of Companies started production of monoclonal antibodies under the order

In March, Alkor Bio Group of Companies - developer and manufacturer of test systems for laboratory diagnostics using ELISA and PCR - announced the new service: the production of custom monoclonal antibodies. This service can be demanded by pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of test systems for laboratory diagnostics by the method of immunofermental analysis, researching institutes.

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Group "Alcor Bio" was established in 2007 on the basis of "Alcor Bio, the national leader in the manufacture of diagnostic products based on enzyme immunoassay.

In 2002, the company Alkor Bio "was singled company" Trans-Technologies, which specializes in studying the biology of human stem cells. On the basis of experimental data specialists are developing new methods of treatment of various diseases using stem cells.

OOO "Diagnostic Centers Alkor Bio provides the population of St. Petersburg laboratory diagnostic services. Besides DC Alkor Bio "is a clinical testing ground for clinical validation of diagnostic products manufactured by Company Alkor Bio.