Company news

01 March 2019

Alkor Bio Group of Companies started production of monoclonal antibodies under the order

In March, Alkor Bio Group of Companies - developer and manufacturer of test systems for laboratory diagnostics using ELISA and PCR - announced the new service: the production of custom monoclonal antibodies. This service can be demanded by pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of test systems for laboratory diagnostics by the method of immunofermental analysis, researching institutes.

To obtain monoclonal antibodies require about 3-5 mg of antigen, which provides the customer. The process of creating monoclonal antibodies takes, depending on the complexity of the order, from 3 to 5 months and includes the following steps: immunization of mice, fusion of immune cells with myeloma cells, selection and screening of monoclones, production of ascites fluid, affinity purification of antibodies and characterization of the antibodies produced ELISA methods. At the end of the work, the customer receives monoclones (in frozen form or in cell culture) and purified antibodies, as well as all materials and protocols of work on the characterization of monoclones.

As additional services, Alkor Bio produces conjugation of an immunogen with a carrier protein, conjugation of antibodies with enzyme labels, biotinylation of antibodies, production of affinity carriers, production of Fab fragments of antibodies.

The head of the hybridoma laboratory of Alkor Bio Group, Alexander Kotov, noted, the company is ready to provide the customer with depository storage and hybrid operating time. Recall that AlkorBio has its own cryobank. The “clean rooms” complex (clean class B zone) was built in 2012 for the cryogenic storage facility, which corresponds to the international GMP standard, as well as to the Russian Federation standard - GOST R 52249-2004. This means that the storage of the biomaterial in the cryobank of Alkor Bio Group of Companies is carried out in accordance with the rules imposed by the European Union regarding the production of medicines and research conducted in the field of cellular technologies.

For reference: monoclonal antibodies are widely used in the creation of diagnostic and therapeutic immunobiological preparations. For example, in Russia the volume of sales of drugs produced on the basis of monoclonal antibodies is about two billion dollars a year, the volume of the world market is estimated at more than 30 billion dollars and these figures will only grow.