Company news

28 February 2020

A new kit of Alkor Bio GC “AllergoPRO IgE-specific control serum” is registered in the Russian Federal Health Service

The “AllergoPRO IgE-specific control serum” kit is intended to confirm the quality of the assay for the quantitative determination of class E immunoglobulins (IgE) for a variety of specific protein allergens in a clinical sample. It should be used with the kit “Allergo ELISA-specific IgE” manufactured by Alkor Bio with using biotinylated allergens.

The kit includes control serum based on a saline solution containing known amounts of specific IgE to allergens of different groups; control sera are certified according to the internal methodology of the enterprise with respect to the Third International Standard of WHO (The 3rd International Standard for human serum IgE, 11/234).

The kit is available in three versions: negative, food, and inhalation. The range of concentrations of specific IgE and a list of allergens are indicated in the passport for each component.