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29 March 2017

Alkor Bio Group has developed 13 new allergens for in vitro allergy diagnostics

At the beginning of March Laboratory of Allergology has transferred to the production 12 new allergens, including 5 food allergens, 3 moulds, 4 different allergens from epithelia, trees, weeds and other allergens groups and 1 weed mix.


23 March 2017

Two new laboratories: chemical and microbiology were established by Alkor Bio Group in 2016

The microbiology laboratory began working in early December after licensing for carrying out activities in using of human & animal pathogens of infectious diseases and genetically modified organisms, the 3rd and 4th degrees of potential danger, in closed systems.

15 February 2017

"Trans-Technologies" Ltd (a part of «Alkor Bio» Group) receives European patent "Biotransplant for cellular therapy based on mesenchymal bone marrow stem сells"

9th November 2016 the European Patent Office granted the patent "Biotransplant for cellular therapy based on mesenchymal bone marrow stem сells for "Trans-Technologies" Ltd (Alkor Bio Group of Companies)". The patent application describes derivation of culture of human mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow and using them for production of corresponding biotransplant. The invention refers to the field of cellular therapy and tissue engineering and may potentially be used, for instance, in treatment of various ischaemic diseases. The invention considered new indeed, that is especially remarkable due to the tough competition in the human stem cell research field in European Union.


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Group "Alcor Bio" was established in 2007 on the basis of "Alcor Bio, the national leader in the manufacture of diagnostic products based on enzyme immunoassay.

In 2002, the company Alkor Bio "was singled company" Trans-Technologies, which specializes in studying the biology of human stem cells. On the basis of experimental data specialists are developing new methods of treatment of various diseases using stem cells.

OOO "Diagnostic Centers Alkor Bio provides the population of St. Petersburg laboratory diagnostic services. Besides DC Alkor Bio "is a clinical testing ground for clinical validation of diagnostic products manufactured by Company Alkor Bio.